Mosquito Hair by Matej Komar is professional hairdressing salon and academy with conceptual combination of art and fashion.

Beauty is relative!

Mosquito is hairdressing brand, including salon and academy. Founder Matej Komar is looking for conceptual and technical hairdressing that is based on natural hairlines combined with technical color concept. In this concept hair is very simple to handle and color is very effective. Mosquito hair academy seeks innovation in hair texture and silhouette, to find new dimension in human mind about aesthetics and create something beautiful between fashion and art.


Pricelist Ljubljana

Service Price
Man haircut 20 - 30€
Women Haircut 40 - 60€
Women Cut and color 70 - 120€
Women Cut hightlights 100 - 150€
Women Cut and balayage 120 - 200€
Women Blowdry brushing 15 - 35€

Pricelist Ravne

Service Price
Man haircut 15 - 20€
Women Haircut 35 - 45€
Women Cut and color 60 - 100€
Women Cut hightlights 75 - 100€
Women Cut and balayage 80 - 150€
Women Blowdry brushing 20 - 40€


Matej Komar
Creative derector & CO Mosquito hairlab

Kaja Škerjanec
Master stylist mosquito hairlab

Hi! I'm Kaja Škerjanec, but you could also know me as @gertrudavelicastna and I'm fresh creative member of Musquito brand. I see hairdressing as an art of expression. Always on a look out for a new challenge.


Mosquito Hair is a brand by Matej Komar, the founder of Matejkomar Hairstyle Hair Salon. Mosquito Hair is not just a name; it’s the philosophy that the author has developed through its more than decade long creative process.



Address: Peričeva ulica 31, Ljubljana
Opening Hours: Per booking!
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Ravne na Koroškem

Address: Prežihova 2, Ravne na Koroškem
Opening Hours: Per booking!
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